At The Car Show

26 Apr


Where the show is at now


Where it should be


’56 Chevy, the car that has inspired me to make a hot rod out of my Mercedes


Growing up in the Chicagoland area, with a automotive obbsessed father and family. I was treated to some of the best car shows Chicago had to offer. It wasn’t a thing to spend a whole day walking the Lake County Fairgrounds oogling over the 60-70’s muscle, rat rods, or anything else someone thought would be cool to bring to a show. So, coming to a show in Arkansas I had a little bit more of an expectation to as what would be there. The very little use of salt means there should be some really nice all original cars. Turns out I was right.

Going to the Greenwood Annual Car Show is always fun because it’s right in the middle of town. I mean right in the middle, of the town square or downtown area if you must. The past times I had gone to this show it had always rained that morning which hurt car count. But, yesterday it was a bright sunny day, so that means good turn out. I just didn’t expect that good of a turnout though. Cars that should’ve been in the show where left on the outside looking in. Like a 67 Bullitt Mustang replica, a 69 and 70 Chevelle SS 396’s, and a excellent looking Dodge Power Wagon flatbed.  It seems to me that the Greenwood show has grown larger than the area it’s using. Which is really, bad because it’s always a great atmosphere. Something has to be done to change the over crowding. It’s literally elbow to elbow to manuver around the cars that show up.

My suggestion which I’m sure won’t be popular with the downtown area inhabitants, is to more the show to a much larger area. Like the Sebastian County Fairgrounds, they are maybe a mile north of where the show is held currently. I firmly believe more cars will show up, and it will make a better car show for all those involved.

While on the subject of my fun Saturday, I got to enjoy it by taking my kids to the show and meeting my dad and a his friend there. It was a good time had by all. My daughters got to see thier friends from school. Charlie learned the importance of “Look but don’t touch” and “Don’t run around someones brand new Corvette Grand Sport”. 

Later on in the evening I met back up with my dad and raced him on go karts. This whole week we’ve been trash talking each other on who would win.  going into the first race I started last out of 5 people, which was fine. There was some confusion at the start as one course worker let two people go then kept me, my dad, and his friend on pit lane. As the two others came around to finish a lap we were released from pit lane. Obviously dad took off as I waited patiently for his friend to exit. Once on the track I got around her then worked at chasing my dad down. A couple laps later one of the first people to go out was stopped at the outside of turn 5. As I exited turn 4 he got going, I battled with him for several laps, before we came up on my dads friend again. Going down into one I’m all over this guys rear bumper, I see my dads friend is going to the inside of one putting us on the outside. I short braked the corner to give me distance on the two that are now side by side in front of me. Midway through the corner the guy on the outside swings a bit wide to give dads friend room, or his kart plowed to the outside. Either way there was a gap, so I dove into it making us go three wide on a narrow track. After passing them on a very lucky move, I was in full attack mode to chase down my dad.

Several laps later I found myself hounding my dad for first. On the inside part of the track we would swap the lead three times, on three turns! Once again going into one we came up on his friend. Now going into this turn I’m thinking, there’s no way I could pull that same move is there. Well……I did! Same exact move to a tee. He went wide, opened a gap and I drove right to it. Going into two he was left on the outside, and we raced clean in the middle section again. Coming into four he made a wide entry opening the door on the inside. I stuck my kart in the hole and drove away, giving me the victory. That was probably the hardest I’ve ever driven a kart for a win, and let me tell ya it was worth it. Then we had a second race.

The second race was a bit better. I started last once again in a field of seven drivers, but I had to start in a kart with cold tires. While racing at this track I have learned it’s better to start at the back with a group of unknown drivers because they tend to pile up in turn one on the out lap. Why, I don’t know, but this race was no diffrent. Going into one I took the wide line, because two karts spun on the inside. Got down into 4 and one guy spun in front of dad. Now I’m up to third in one lap! Chasing down the 2nd place guy, spun a lapped kart and stopped in turn 1 two laps later. Now I’m up too 2nd, and in full attack mode to get too 1st. Passed dad twice because he had spun in turn 3, he too had cold tires that weren’t heating up fast enough. I finally catch the 1st place guy and duel with him for a couple laps, each time giving him the line into corners, because I did not want him to spin and ruin his and my race. Finally, finally got a gap after Villenueve dive bombing him into 5. He rammed me into the wall after I was half a kart to his inside. But by luck I made it stick and drove to victory.

I had a great time with dad getting to race with him, and trying to get him to regret not buying me my own kart oh so many years ago.


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