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A Fresh New Start

30 Dec

Over the past few years I’ve had the opportunity to do things I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve interviewed drivers, teams, and got human interest piece published in a newspaper. In that time, I have had a blast, working with GreenwoodDogPound.com, Triple League Racing, Racing Mania 101, Stalled On The Grid, and Open-Wheels.com.

Being able to work with those folks amongst others has helped me grow as a writer. But, through it all I always felt I had more stories to tell. There was always a writer’s block I couldn’t get over. I believed writing satire pieces on SOTG with IndyCar Minnesota’s Matt Hickey would help, but it didn’t. I soon realized after reading gfunkified.com and a friend of mine’s blog, it’s the being a parent stories is what I should do. No, no, I’m not walking away from my motorsports interests. I enjoy it there.

So, from here on out Fujibayashi Autosport will transform into more of a personal blog. Telling stories and and updates of my newest venture with the Creative Art Network of Fort Smith. I hope I garner some new readers in the future and that everyone enjoys the new path that this is headed.

-Ross Fujibayashi