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Thirst For Speed

26 Apr

We all dream about it. We all lust for it. When it happens, we want more of it. Some might say what’s the point or that’s just stupid. But deep down, the adrenaline rush, the satisfaction of being on the edge is what keeps us coming back. Like vampires to blood, once we get a taste we want more. More of that physical drug called speed. It maybe a driving a fast car, a bike, or even running, but once you get it you want it more and more. It’s what makes us miss the glory days of Indy, when we would hear “And he’s on it” and “that’s a new track record”.

That’s were I’m at with Nurburgring Nordschliefe. Ever since I drove it on Gran Turismo 4 I couldn’t get enough of the tricky 12.93 mile course. Up until last week I had never really thought about attacking some of the records there. Granted, yes I know although the courses on video games do look similar to the actual there are some discrepancies to make it easier to drive in a race. So with that in mind I still don’t give two poops. I just want to go fast and beat some one else’s time.

After posting on Twitter that I was going to go after the ever so fast German Stefan Bellofs time at the “green hell” of 6:11. A couple people replied to tell me thier time. One was a 6:47 in a Indycar, and that’s where I set my first goal, to beat 6:47. The weapon of choice would be the Peugeot 908 HDi FAP. I knew that car was fast, and I would have a better shot at it in that car.

After running with the base setup they had to get some baseline numbers, which where 7:12. I went in and tuned to get a faster cornering speed and messed with the gear ratios for a faster acceleration, but not lose top speed. After that and some on the edge of my seat driving, I posted a lap of 7:00. Thinking holy crap that was quick, I checked some of the other lap times from the past, and yes it was a flyer of a lap!

Remembering that during a Sebring race in 2010 the Acura/HPD ARX-02a, was quicker than the Peugeots, I opted to try it. I didn’t get any baseline numbers I just went in and changed the setup to what I thought would work. Second lap out I put up a 6:50! So I tuned a bit more, I made downforce, air pressure, and gear ratio adjustments. Second lap out I got a 6:48, so I’m.getting closer to my goal. I know where I’m losing my time, and that’s just a driving line adjustment.

I did try the Audi R15, I am an Audi fanboy and it did leave me a bit upset I could not get that car dialed in to do what I need to. I’m going to keep trying though. I think that car has a ton of potential.

Speaking of addiction to speed, I went and visited with the one who got me hooked, my dad. Ya know the loss of teeth, and feeding tube don’t bother me much, as he starts his treatments. No its the amount of weight he has lost. Dad aslong as I could.remember was a big guy. Now its like looking at a skeleton with some skin draped over it. Seeing that hurts so so much, because the little kid in me who still sees dad in the same, just wants that dad back. Now I know how my sister felt when he shaved his beard back in ’88. I think she said something like “your not my daddy!” Haha. I do thank everyone for thier well wishes and prayers. They are working.