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The Board

30 Dec


As a parent you always want to challenge your offspring to do something different. For some, it’s sports, or the arts. For our household, it’s the wanting to keep the uniqueness of our families humor going. The delivery of a good joke, the rattling off of one liners, and the ability to be witty is what drives it.

Our family has a way of dealing with serious situations with humor. Why not it lightens the mood and breaks the ice. There have been times when we have said a joke way too soon after something, but it always got a laugh.

On a trip to Target, and Shoe Carnival before school started with all the kids, it started. As we waited to make the left turn into the Fort Smith Pavilion, I mentioned to the kids that we may see their Papa Fuji. He was working some odd duck hours at Target, so it was a crap shoot if he would be there. Out of the backseat the youngest of the four kids, Akira, says “No we won’t!” I asked him “Why not?” He came back with, in very heavy Boston accent “Because! He has the Cancer, he’s not allowed to be around people!”

Right then I lost it, I could barely drive, I was laughing hard. As we parked I mentioned to my wife we should put up a board and whenever they do something clever we’ll give them a point. She said “ok, we’ll see” which really means “Ross, that’s dumb, hopefully you’ll forget about it so we don’t have to”.

On our way to our second stop, we got on the topic of the Back To The Future movies. Mainly because my dad’s hair, while not white, resembles Doc Browns at times. I asked the kids if they knew the movie, and they said yes and that they watch it at their moms. I asked a second follow-up to double check their story “Ok then who drives the DeLorean”. Without missing a beat Elyse, says “Your Mom!” And from that moment the board was born.

The rules are simple, say something that makes Melanie or I laugh you get a point. We split the 4 kids into teams, really a boys vs girls. The Boys would be The House of Bane, and the girls The Powderpuff Girls. The team with the most points gets dinner at the place of their choosing. Simple right? Well there was a problem. With three of the four living at their moms, they literally could only earn points when they were there. Akira, pretty much being an only child started racking up points like mad. So we altered the rule that points can only be earned with all kids present.

There have been exceptions made for really funny things from AJ. For instance, he did a “Cucumbers look like penis” bit, that had us rolling for a little while. He could’ve earned 2 points but, because of the other kids not being there he only earned 1.

So far it’s been a lot of fun, seeing who’s going to be the funniest kid. Next year we may mix it up a bit though.

Thanks for reading!

-Ross Fujibayashi